Thinking Out Loud

I love meeting people…I want to meet someone who is laid back and enjoys life….a joker…a lover….a romantic…..and sometimes a kid, just like me.

anyone else who has a soul that is wiling to explore.- – –

me & you in a room, complete darkness except for a candle that is placed between the two of us. Face to face, we would sit there and watch as the candle’s glow lit up our faces. Somehow skin looks better that way. I would then take your fingers and place them on my lips.. I would speak slowly and let you actually feel the warmth of every breath that came out of my mouth. This way you’d know that every word I say, would mean something. When you can actually feel it, it starts to hit you in other places. Places beyond the surface. This is where I want you to find me. Underneath it all. I want to find a person who enjoys even the split seconds of simplicity. I need a person who can appreciate the depth of everything. A person who isn’t afraid to be passionate about something.  I think I’ve found him…..