He Reads My Blog

On Wednesday TLA asked me who the hell was I up talking to half of the night; and who the hell was TLA. 

Oh God. I didn’t realize till I was being probed about it by him how totally and completely mushy it is. There’s no hiding exactly what you think about someone when you call them not just a “Love Affair” but a Teenage Love Affair. 

I blinked. Looked down at his text. I couldn’t lie to him even if I tried. “It’s…” I couldn’t do it. Damn pride. “It’s T.L.A. That’s what they know you as,” I say firmly like that’s the end of the matter.

“TLA? What’s that mean?”

He’s so cute when he’s puzzled. I mean he’s cute when he’s not.. well, not really cute, more like handsome, and chiseled, and brawny and sexy… okay, that’s not the point. The point is he was puzzled. Ugh. Where is my backbone?

So I told him. “It’s Teenage Love Affair,” I texted back. 

I knew he was going to tell me how corny it was, or how silly and girlish I was being.  BUT!! He didn’t.  He told me that he liked that and he was feeling it and that the concept was cute.  I immediately exhaled. 🙂

As we were getting off the phone this morning, I asked him to give me a kiss.  “Muah” he said.  I later asked him did he love me.  “I love you”  he replied.  I asked him how much did he love me.  He replied, “A lot.”  “How much is a lot?”…”More than a little”, he said….Classic TLA.  I smiled and blushed with a school girl charm.  Held the phone as he hung up, and thought about all the possibilities.

I’m diggin him hard ya’ll

He has some truly amazing moments…We fight, we make up, and we move forward.  He’s a wonderful man though, with his flaws and all.  He tries to act like he’s hard, but he’s not.  He’s a big sensitive brother with a soft heart for only ME!  I don’t get to see him (but that’s going to change) but I get to see him daily in my dreams.  I experience him often in conversation.

How do I sum up my relationship with TLA?   Well lets see…our love is like going to an amusement park…what’s the point in going to an amusement park if we can’t ride all the rides.  Some of the rides suck yes…but it’s not like we have to stay on the rides that we don’t like.  We can get off, and go to the ones we like….Right now, I like to think of us as being in the concession stand….He wants popcorn, and well I want cake…but we’ve decided to buy both and share……….

I’m loving me some him…